Saturday, May 25, 2019
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X Factor Australia 2012 auditions with William Singe

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber track is given the X Factor Australia 2012 audition treatment by William Singe (Photo credit: cukuskumir)

Some of the X Factor auditions show a wonderful level of performance tips. This X Factor Australia 2012 audition with William Singe has William giving his own version of a Justin Bieber track with his own rapping.

He’s got the looks. He’s got the swagger. The girls in the audience love him.

X Factor Australia 2012 audition singing Justin Bieber


This guy at first looks has a natural performing style that gets the audience connected with him. He obviously practices his singing and his breathing technique is getting there, but I’m sure with coaching and lessons on the show he will improve dramatically.

It is always fortunate to be able to access quality singing lessons and breathing technique exercises. I for one love William.

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Well done William a great X Factor Australia 2012 audition.

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